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GROVER Pte Ltd (a Nityo Infotech Company) is a solutions-driven company that forms part of the eco-system of banking. It connects and grows the entire banking network, to drive greater value to it now and for the future.

Since 2012,  GROVER has been at the forefront of helping the best- of- breed international technology companies collaborate with local banks to uncover the best solution for their needs.

Our Solutions

Banks need to work with technology partners who understand the choices of consumers and can anticipate the future needs of customers. Technology linked to anticipation of consumer behaviour and that of current issues facing banks is driving the future of banking. Fintech companies are constantly innovating in this techscape. At GROVER we work with the best minds in the business. In a constantly evolving environment, we are always on the front end of adapting and growing our product portfolio.

Some of Our Clients

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GROVER helps in providing strategic initiatives to drive value and not just tactical tasks.  It’s not just technology one is selling, its value one is driving.


Relationships Not Transactions

At GROVER we work with the finest providers with practical, easy to use and innovative solutions. In a constantly evolving environment, we are always on the front end of adapting and growing our product portfolio.

Solutions Not



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We are constantly putting our best practices in place with training sessions for our clients as well internally for our staff.


Practices Made


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An innovative platform for industry discussion in the ever-evolving environment in which banks engage with their markets, GROVER University is a unique initiative that provides a common platform to banking professionals for an invigorating exchange of ideas and insights.

Exchanging Ideas

and Insights


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Grover initiates wellness programmes for corporates teams and individuals with a focus on physical, mental and socio-emotional well-being.

Balance In

A Digital World