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AI Empowered Customer Service
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Conversational AI &
Automation for the Enterprise

Automate the conversation and find actionable value in every interaction—right where business is done and customer engagement takes place.

We have the smartest conversational AI out there: patented, enterprise-grade SaaS, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), intelligent decision support, self-service guidance, and voiceprint biometrics. It sounds intimidating, but it feels entirely human.


When you deliver frictionless customer experiences, you’re meeting expectations, improving satisfaction with your brand, reducing stress for both agents and customers, cutting costs and much more.

Uniphore helps you solve the big problems with customer service by focusing on the conversation. It’s the only platform that does this. Making it the only platform that drives demonstrable and sustainable business value by automating, personalizing, and optimizing every conversation.

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Differentiate your brand with an exceptional customer experience that improves satisfaction and loyalty

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Improve employee/agent experience, satisfaction, and retention while accelerating agent onboarding and improving quality

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Reduce operational costs with improved agent productivity, shorter average handle time, and reduced call volume

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Drive revenue and other strategic business outcomes by improving conversion and retention

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Conversational Self-Service

Enhance self service with a multimodal, AI-driven Intelligent Virtual Assistant.

Drive customer engagement

Work across channels (IVR, web and mobile)

Reduce the cost of customer service

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Drive agent efficiency and performance with AI and automation.

Drive in-call alerts and next-best action agent guidance

Automate agent after-call work (ACW) summaries and improve efficiencies

Reduce repeat callers and improve CSAT with automated promise management

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