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AI Empowered Customer Service
The Uniphore Platform:

Deflect transactional  interactions using conversational AI  across IVR, web and  mobile to increase self-service automation  rates and lower costs  while improving  customer satisfaction in  real time.

Authenticate agents  with zero friction  across their entire  shift using voiceprint  to build customer trust and reduce  contact center fraud.  Supervisors are  alerted in real time in  the event of an ID  issue.

Deliver in-call alerts and  agent guidance in real  time to improve the  customer and agent  experience. Automate  after-call work summaries  and call dispositions to  drive agent productivity.  Automate promise  management from  registration to follow-up  to fulfillment to increase  customer satisfaction.

Get actionable insights from 100% of  customer interactions across phone, email,  and chat to reduce  customer churn,  deliver  smarter  quality management,  and improve agent  compliance.

Demonstrating Measurable Value
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