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for Non-Technology Professionals

JUNE 25, 2021 | 1400 - 1530 HRS

AI is not only for engineers. At GROVER, we have designed a seminar packed with industry use cases for Non-Technology professionals. If you want your organization to become better in AI, this seminar will give a good overview of its practical applications

Session Objectives:

A Non-Technology overview exploring how Machine Learning is transforming Industry operation process covering:

  1. AI and Machine Learning basics

  2. Get a good overview of Machine Learning Software

  3. Assumptions and limitations

  4. Myths and word of cautions

  5. Demo of trending applications to various types of risk management functions

  6. Financial Spreading of work - credit review for corporates

  7. Fundamental review of Legal Document / Financial contracts

Landing Page - AIML for NonTech Professi

In case you missed the live Webinar,

We have made the recording available for you!

Click here to watch.png


Part 1

45 Minutes

AI Machine Learning and Data Science

Basic Concepts

Machine Learning Myths

Interactive Demo - Machine Learning tools

Data training - How do we do it?

If nothing happens click here:

Part 2

45 Minutes

Machine Learning Technology - Basics (Python)

Why Python?

Python Libraries

Some real examples

Unstructured to Structured Data

Published June 08, 2021

Follow us on our official social media platforms:

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  • Facebook
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