Content Management Platform

ASG’s Mobius

ASG is an innovative and profitable business investing in products, services and support.

Financial institutions deal with ever-increasing volumes of information which involves manual processing and stringent compliance regulations. Information management demands are also changing which requires a more integrated platform while ensuring security and efficiency. 


Access to protected and accessible content whenever, wherever is possible with ASG’s Mobius. ASG is a trusted provider of Enterprise Information Management and IT System Management solutions technology to numerous multinational companies across the world.



Both consumers and employees are demanding simpler, more intuitive processes and accessibility of information. ASG’s Mobius user interface allows accessibility to content from any device. 


The platforms interoperability provide content federation and interoperability for cloud platforms, business systems, and applications – ensuring content is searchable across the enterprise in connected applications and content repositories as well as integrated with legacy systems using workflows.


Mobius workflow services leverage modern, low-code/no-code workflow technology enables business analysts to easily design and quickly deploy workflows, to rapidly adapt business processes, improve tasks automation, and connect content to work.