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Now, Your Customers Can

See You from Anywhere

and from from Any Device

Genie-Video Branch is a digital banking solution that can be deployed on-premise or on personal mobile devices to engage customers through a live face-to-face video chat. 

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With Metro Manila under more severe Quarantine, we are ready to serve all our bank clients to enable their customers to bank from home via video branch offered by Bank-Genie. Customers, both Retail and Corporate, can also deposit their checks by taking a picture on their mobile. Those banks who provide these services will attract more customers by serving them during these difficult times from the comfort of their homes #bringingbankingforward

Bank Genie Header.jpg
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With Genie-Video Branch, 

you can:

  1. Build meaningful customer relationships.​

  2. Centralize and leverage the best people in the team to serve a wide range of customers all over the country.

  3. Open accounts, receive loan & mortgage applications.

  4. Enable document signing on video.

  5. Reduce in-branch queues. 

  6. Lower operational costs.

Implementing Genie-Video Branch Is Easy with RIT

Our Remote Implementation Technology enables us to scale enterprise executions with 100% remote deployment or then with minimal in-person interaction and short deployment timelines from 30 days to 90 days.

Reach out to us below to know more about Genie-Video Branch

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