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One of the biggest challenges financial institutions come up against is balancing customer experience and security. As more consumers become more mobile, they also expect financial services to be accessed whenever, wherever, seamlessly but most importantly, ensuring that their data is safeguarded while accessing these services.


As this trend continues, it is essential to address key challenges and opportunities that financial

institutions can identify to match with their own digital transformation roadmap. Grover Pte Ltd, gathered executives and technology experts of various financial institutions in the Philippines for Seamless and Secure Digital Banking, a 2-Part Webinar Series, held last October 13 and 20.

Key points were tackled on defining what true digital transformation means from integrating digital technologies and infrastructure to transform how their business works for achieving a new level of competitive advantage. As banks adapt and evolve their operations, they are faced with new challenges in balancing customer experience and security. ​

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Questions answered during the series are:

  • How to integrate your physical branch and digital services smoothly and cohesively?

  • What do banks' back offices need to consider to ensure business continuity?

  • How are enterprise-wide, contextual insights used to detect financial crime in real-time? 

  • How can we accelerate the response to cyberthreats?

You can view the sessions by visiting the links provided below. The digital-event was presented in partnership with PwC, Clari5, ESDS, Bank Genie and Questronix. GROVER (formerly KrisFinSoft) has been in the business of bridging the best-of-breed international technology companies with financial institutions to uncover the best solution for their needs since 2012.


In case you have missed the webinar, we have made the recordings available just for you!

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We have also made the webinar materials available! Download them here!

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Session 1: Seamless Operations Through Digitalisation

13 October 2020 at 02:30 PM (PH)



  • Mr Sandeep Waghmare, Manager - Technology Consulting, PwC Philippines

  • Mr Ragu Kumar, CTO & Co-Founder, Bank Genie

  • Mr. Bert Bartolome, Head - Business Solutions Group, Questronix


Session 2: Ushering Confidence in Digitalisation

20 October 2020 at 02:30 PM (PH)



  • Mr Subha Chatterjee, Cybersecurity & Technology Consulting Horizontal Leader, PwC Philippines

  • Mike Stephens, VP International Business Asia and Security Consultant, ESDS

  • Deepak Hoshing, Chief Innovation Officer, Clari5

  • Venkatesh SG, Chief Customer Officer, Clari5

Published October 22, 2020

Follow us on our official social media platforms:

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