Trade Process Digitalization Platform

DLT Ledgers

Proprietary trade platform, underpinned by blockchain technology.

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DLT Ledgers is a proprietary trade platform, underpinned by blockchain technology that facilitates cross border trade digitization & execution amongst other industry use cases including supplier financing, SME financing & trade process digitization for banks.
Headquartered out of Singapore, a global commodities trading hub, favorable government policy & the concentration of trade flows has enabled us to scale and grow across the APAC region. With a strong sales pipeline well into 2020, we are currently in the process of ramping up our sales, engineering & customer success teams. Lead by an experienced founder and a seasoned leadership team, we are looking to scale and expand globally.
Since the first transaction went live in early 2018, over $3 billion worth of live trade finance transactions has been executed via the platform involving 400+ traders, 65+ banks and tertiary partners. A key driver to this success has been our ability to use technology to reduce trade execution times from 45+ days to a matter of hours reducing operational overhead and improving working capital lifecycle by 15-20%.
Our clients are mainly large international trading firms, large corporates, supply chain firms and banks. A few of our growing set of key customers are Mitsui, Agrocorp, Shiseido, Wilmar, Wipro Unza, IFFCO and ANZ bank amongst others.