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We are the catalyst to innovation

As technology is soon becoming central to business, so is the banks' relationship with technology suppliers becoming a key component of this value shift. Banks and fintech companies share the same goal - to deliver better financial services, improve regulatory compliance and reduce long-term costs. Collaboration around the technology is the new norm.

We believe technology in banking has the power to transform and impact the way the world banks, lives and works and make daily lives easier, better, safer.

Our Vision

To enable the future of banking into the everyday life of every person by providing ways to access secure banking and experience better banking.

Our Purpose

To make a digital difference in the banking experience.

  • Drive strategic directions in the bankscape.  

  • Connect the banking environment with solutions that fulfil objectives.

Banks need a partner which they trust to sift through this myriad of technology choices and present a service that’s aligned to their business models and values. Fintech providers too, benefit from a catalyst with a network of banks, to present their innovative solutions to local banks. GROVER enables making the digital difference.



Thought-leadership and perspective setting



A spirit of partnership in fulfilling the journey together



Open-minded. Constant pursuit in the new to unlock opportunity



Understanding, approachable and relationship driven

Our Team

Krishan Grover

Founder and Chairman

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Our team, has over 150 years of combined professional experience in banking, finance and technology solutions all over the world.

Shiv Raj Kathpalia

Chief Technology Officer

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Venkat Iyer

Senior Advisor

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Griselda (Gay) Santos

Senior Advisor

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Enrico S. Cruz

Senior Advisor

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Lauren Nicole Yap

Country Head - Digital Banking,

Wealth and Compliance

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Caroline Da Silva

Business Development Executive

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Airamae Guerrero

Support and

Content Manager

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Mariz R. Renado

Account Manager

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Sheryll Dhel Viguilla

Sales Manager

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Marc Pabelico

Marketing Lead

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Chi Orsolino

Account Manager

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Kimberly Lim

Product Manager

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April Aniel

Office Manager

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Elnaz Ahmarinejad

Account Manager

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