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Practices  Makes  Perfect

An innovative platform for industry discussion

We are constantly putting our best practices in place with training sessions for our clients as well internally for our staff. We look at bringing simplicity to complexity, driving clarity of strategy, easing processes and making a digital difference in the future of banking. Our sessions are carried out by leading practitioners of the business.

Our Training Course Topics:

  • Effective virtual Communication 

  • Credit scoring Workshops 

  • Collections and Credit Restructuring 

  • Digital Transformation 

  • Effective Real-time Fraud Detection 

  • Trade Finance Digitalisation 

  • Effective Customer Service in digital world 


A webinar is one of the most powerful weapons a sales professional has access to. It’s the crown jewel of your sales funnel. And because of its video-based characteristics, a webinar offers huge potential for reaching a wide audience with low cost.


As reports show, 87 percent of online businesses use webinars as a marketing tool while 83 percent of marketers say that is an effective strategy for ROI. Taking this into account, not only you can use webinars as a medium for conducting sales presentation to your customers, but also to have your regular sales call and meeting.

Effective Virtual Salesmanship

Latest Training Programme

The question in most sales professionals’ mind is: How can I enhance my presence similar to a face-to-face meeting? How do I engage my customers without losing interest and attention? How can I ensure high knowledge retention and commitment with a deep impression of my presentation and discussion?

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