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Global Business Networking for SME’s

Welcome to the

future of SME Networking


A platform to..

  • Learn from our 10,000+ content resources

  • Network with 270,000+ SMEs

  • Grow along with 210 curated industries

GlobalLinker is a Business Networking ecosystem that solves the SME challenges of growing revenue, managing expenses and business expansion.
For most SMEs these issues lead to Survival + Growth anxiety. On the other hand progressive Corporations, Trade Associations, Governments find acquiring, engaging, servicing & doing business with SMEs difficult & uneconomical. 
GlobalLinker solves the challenges of both SMEs and Corporations by building a global community of SMEs for unparalleled efficiencies and economies.

Collectively, 8+ cobranded versions by Issuers in 3 countries of the AI-enabled SME networking platform serve over 270,000 registered SMEs from across 150+ countries.

GlobalLinker benefits for SMEs:

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