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Genie Wallet

Contactless Payment Mode. Greater Loyalty

Frequency & Customer Intelligence.

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Why Genie-Wallet?

1. Improve Customer Satisfaction

Genie-Wallet simplifies onboarding and reduces the number of apps the customer needs for mobile payments.

2. Protect Customer Data & Privacy

Two-factor authentications are in place to ensure secure transactions and customer data is not disclosed outside the bank.

3. Reduce Operational Costs

The deployment of Genie-Wallet unlocks opportunity for the bank to upsell other products and it plugs loss of revenue to 3rd party providers.

4. Ease of Access

Customers can make payments simply with a few taps on their mobile phones.

Reach out to us below to know more about Genie-Wallet to Start Your Digital Transformation Journey Now!

Bank Genie Header.jpg
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