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Exchanging Ideas

and Insights

An innovative platform for industry discussion

In the ever-evolving environment in which Banks engage with their markets, GROVER University is a unique initiative that provides a common platform to Banking professionals for an invigorating exchange of ideas and insights. As an industry-focused initiative, we facilities sessions for like-minded people to exchange views, discuss information and impart knowledge. 

The university enables industry leaders to delve into solution-seeking discussions that will result in:


Visionary Thinking
•    Heightened awareness to trends and issues
•    Acceptance of newer ideas
•    Best practices and standard setting

As part of GROVER University, we invite the best brains in the industry to exchange new and innovative management ideas, solutions and strategies in a confidential setting. This is done through a variety of ways.

  • Seminars

  • Round tables

  • Lectures

  • Training

  • Newsletters

Duly recognizing the time investment of senior decision-makers and to ensure a better quality of information exchange, the GROVER University initiatives are by invitation only. The participants can hence be assured of peer-level interaction and thus benefit by:

  • Gaining the collective wisdom and multiple perspectives on business and operational issues

  • Learning new developments in meeting challenges and how to avoid mistakes, pitfalls and roadblocks

  • Gaining valuable information, insight and knowledge from other experienced professionals

  • Networking with industry-leading professionals

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